Sumitomo Tires

If you drive a passenger or touring vehicle such as a sedan, recommends a selection of Sumitomo® tires that may fit your need. The Sumitomo tires recommended by feature tread patterns and materials that help with traction and handling in dry conditions, rain, and light snow.

Take a look at the Sumitomo passenger and touring tires listed below.

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Passenger & Touring Tires recommends three Sumitomo tires from the Sumitomo HTR tire line. These Sumitomo tires have been engineered to fit passenger and touring cars like sedans. Sumitomo tires provide value and performance for passenger cars.

Sumitomo HTR Tires

The tread patterns of Sumitomo HTR tires provide cornering and stability. The design of these tires also helps your vehicle stay in control in the rain by enhancing wet traction. Some Sumitomo HTR tires are prepared for all-season performance through the rain, dry conditions, and light snow. These tires are reinforced with materials that keep them durable. Some HTR tires are rated for higher speeds to support your high performance car. Select HTR tires also feature a treadwear warranty to ensure they last as long as they can safely.

  • HTR A/S P01- an all-season tire for passenger and touring vehicles
  • HTR Z - a performance tire rated for high speeds
  • HTR Z III - a maximum performance tire for tuner cars and passenger cars

If you are not sure which of these Sumitomo tires is right for you, call your dealership. The service department there employs highly trained professionals who are authorized by your automaker. These service advisors know your vehicle better than anyone else, and they'll tell you all about the right tires for you.