Tesla Tires

Although Tesla electric vehicles have only been on the road since 2008, they have already made a big name for themselves. With impressive 0-60 mph times and high range of miles per battery charge, Tesla shows drivers a thrill at highway speeds. At zero tailpipe emissions on all models, Tesla also proves that efficiency can be fun.

Get the most out of every drive in your Tesla Roadster or Tesla Model S with a set of high performance, low rolling resistance or winter tires recommended by RightTurn.com. We suggest the original equipment Tesla tires for your vehicle. We also point you toward a wide selection of alternative tires. All of the tires we recommend for your Tesla ensure their performance and safety.

Tesla Performance Tires

2008, 2009, and 2010 Tesla Roadster

With a devastating 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and up to 245 miles per charge, we know you don't miss gasoline when you drive your Tesla Roadster. These groundbreaking electric vehicles are more than environmentally friendly-they're downright exciting to drive. RightTurn.com features the tires that came on this vehicle as original equipment. That means you can preserve the same performance you enjoyed when your Tesla Roadster was new.

The staggered fitment of tires with larger tires on the rear that is a staple of all Tesla Roadster models supports its quick acceleration. The Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 ultra high performance tires that came on this vehicle were designed with race-inspired technology. They deliver expert cornering and stability at higher speeds. These tires also feature a micro silica compound for traction in wet and dry conditions.

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport

The 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport also comes standard with a staggered fitment of ultra high performance tires. Yokohama Advan A048 tires are DOT-approved race tires. If you like to do circuit-style, recreational racing in your 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport, replace your tires with the original equipment tires recommended by RightTurn.com. These summer tires deliver dry and wet traction.

Tesla Model S

The second generation of Tesla electric vehicles is the Tesla Model S. Drivers of these performance sedans expect a range of up to 300 miles per charge. Make every mile an experience with the Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 tires that came on them at the factory. If you like the way your Tesla Model S steered and handled when you bought it, replace your tires with the Goodyear tires that were factory installed. RightTurn.com will also suggest alternative tires from Bridgestone and Dunlop to support the performance of your Tesla Model S.

Tesla Low Rolling Resistance Tires

As a driver of an electric vehicle, you are probably concerned with your impact on the environment. A set of low rolling resistance tires can be a great complement to your already environmentally friendly vehicle. These tires reduce the amount of energy it takes for your vehicle to move forward. This can lead to more miles per charge.

The 2012 Tesla Model S can be fitted with Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 tires. These luxury, performance touring, all-season tires provide great wet traction with no loss in fuel efficiency. The high expected tread life of these low rolling resistance tires also means they will last you for miles under the right conditions.

Tesla Winter Tires

The 2010 Tesla Roadster was engineered with upgraded power control hardware. This enables you to drive your 2010 Tesla Roadster in extreme climates. You can outfit your 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport with winter tires recommended by RightTurn.com. Yokohama W Drive XL winter tires are available for the staggered fitment of this vehicle. These winter tires enable dry cornering in the cold, snow traction, and temperature stability. Yokohama W Drive XL tires also offer ice traction and drainage grooves for getting rid of snow, slush, and water. The 2012 Model S can also be fitted with Pirelli Winter 240 Sottozero IItires.

Winter tires differ from all-season tires in that they were made with special compounds that keep them flexible in the cold. They also feature tread patterns that are designed to keep traction in the snow and ice. If you have to drive through slush, ice, and snow every winter, you may want to consider outfitting your 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport or 2012 Tesla Model S with winter tires.

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