Toyo A-11 Tires

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Toyo A-11 tires are original equipment, all-season truck tires. These tires were installed on the 1999 - 2005 Toyota RAV4 at the factory. Light truck, crossover, and SUV tires like the Toyo A-11 support the heavier weight limits of these types of vehicles. They also cater to the different weight distribution of this vehicle class. If you drive a Toyota RAV4 or similar vehicle, Toyo A-11 tires may be right for you.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo A-11 Tires

Weight Support

When you choose your replacement tires, you should make sure you know the load limit your new tires will need. You can find this information on your driver's side door jamb. You should see a sticker there that lists information about your tires. If you can't find the sticker on your door jamb, check your vehicle owner's manual for information on the right tires for your vehicle. Or call us, and we'll help you find it.

Original Equipment

Each time a vehicle is designed, a tire is designed to go on it. These original tires are classified as original equipment, or OE. The OE tires on your vehicle took about 3 years of collaboration between your automaker and the tire manufacturer. The result of all that work is a tire that meets every safety and performance specification set by your automaker for your vehicle. recommends OE tires and select automaker-approved alternatives. Toyo A-11 tires are OE on the 1999 -2005 Toyota RAV4.

All-Season Performance

Toyo A-11 tires were engineered for use in nearly any weather condition, from rain to light snow.