Toyo A22 Tires

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Toyo A22 tires are all-season tires for passenger vehicles. These tires were rated highly by the US government for heat dissipation and traction. Nissan designers worked with Toyo engineers to fine-tune A22 tires for the 2011 Nissan Quest minivan. All-season passenger tires are good for family vehicles, commuter cars, or other passenger vehicles that stick to the cities and highways.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo A22 Tires

All-Season Performance

Toyo A22 tires deliver adequate performance in nearly any weather condition. They were designed for safe use in dry weather, the rain, and light snow. Because these tires were made with compounds that can be used in both warm and cold weather, they don't specialize in the performance capabilities necessary for any one season. If you drive in an area that experiences a heavy, snowy winter, we recommend using summer tires during the warm months and winter tires during the cold months. That way, you receive specially targeted performance year-round.

Heat Dissipation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rated A22 tires highly for their ability to get rid of excess heat. Heat builds up in any tire as you drive on it, and if it doesn't release that heat, the tire may become damaged.

Traction Ability

The NHTSA also rated Toyo A22 tires highly for traction. Traction is what gives your tires the ability to grip the road. Road grip helps you accelerate, brake, and take corners safely. Toyo A22 tires grab onto the pavement whether it's rainy or dry out.