Toyo M-55 Tires

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Toyo® M-55™ tires are excellent tires engineered for heavy-duty use on trucks and vans. If you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, then these all-season tires may be exactly what you're need. They can provide traction in a wide variety of conditions. They're tough enough to handle the demands of long workdays. Toyo M-55 tires can also help boost your vehicle's handling capabilities. Don't let your tires get in the way of getting business done. Fit your vehicle with Toyo M-55 tires.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo M-55 Tires


Commercial vans and heavy-duty trucks have to deal with a lot of different conditions that can make it hard to maintain traction. That's why Toyo designed a tire ready for those many conditions. Toyo M-55 tires are great for traction on dry roads. They can keep a grip when the roads are wet too. Thanks to an aggressive tread design with open shoulders and siping, these tires are able to provide traction when you have to take your vehicle off road. When extreme winter weather strikes, these tire are ready. They're pinned for studs so you can keep your business up and running.


Driving in bad weather and off-road driving can really put tires to the test. Not to worry. Toyo M-55 tires are constructed out of materials inside and out that are meant to pass the test. They can stand up to the punishment of heavy loads when hauling and towing on rough terrain. Another benefit of their durability is a long treadlife, which means that with some simple routine maintenance you can keep your vehicle running on the M-55 for thousands of miles.


Just as important as traction and durability is the ability to keep your vehicle under control. After all, there's a lot riding on your tires. The tread pattern of Toyo M-55 tires helps your vehicle react to your steering with speed and precision.