Toyo Open Country A20A Tires

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Toyo Open Country A20A tires are light truck and SUV tires that were built for low rolling resistance, low noise, and wet braking. These tires are original equipment (OE) on certain Toyota SUV models. If you are looking for SUV tires or Toyota SUV tires, check out Toyo Open Country A20A tires.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo Open Country A20A Tires

Reliable Braking

These SUV tires have 4 tread grooves that reduce the chance of hydroplaning while you drive in rainy weather. The grooves act like hoses or pipes that rush water away from the center of treads. With the water out of the way, your tires remain in contact with the road, and you remain in control of your vehicle.

Low Noise

Every vehicle makes at least a little bit of noise while you drive it. You can control how much noise your vehicle makes by buying quiet tires. Open Country A20A tires were designed to reduce the amount of noise and vibration that the tread pattern creates as it rolls against the road.

Toyota Original Equipment

Are you looking for tires for the 2008 - 2012 Toyota Highlander or the 2009 - 2011 Toyota Venza? Toyo Open Country A20A tires are OE on those Toyota models. When an automaker designs a tire as OE, it means that vehicle designers worked with the tire manufacturer to fine-tune the tire design to that specific vehicle. OE tires were designed to work with the systems of the vehicle to deliver optimum safety and performance.