Toyo Proxes A18 Tires

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Toyo Proxes A18 tires are original equipment (OE) on several Mazda models. If you drive a 2004–2011 Mazda3 or a 2006–2012 Mazda5, these touring tires may have been put on your vehicle when it was assembled. Knowing the OE tire of your vehicle is important. It dictates several safety and performance standards for your replacement tires. Automakers work with tire manufacturers to fine tune the OE tires for their vehicles to work in harmony with that particular model's systems. Choosing tires that meet your automaker's OE requirements helps ensure that your vehicle continues to work as well as it should.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo Proxes A18 Tires

Versatile Performance

Toyo engineers designed the Proxes A18 for all-season driving. That means you can drive on these tires in dry and warm weather. You can also use them for the colder season as long as there's only light snow on the ground. These tires have capable wet and dry performance because of their 4 large grooves. The grooves act like pipes, channeling water out from underneath the tire so you don't hydroplane in the rain.


Nobody wants to deal with a bumpy ride. These Toyo touring tires were created with a tread design that cuts down on the vibration and noise that can occur while you drive. Their high profiles also absorb the shock of bumps in the road.

Original Equipment

These tires come as original equipment on several vehicles. That means that automakers worked with Toyo engineers to design these tires to their vehicles.