Toyo Spectrum HP Tires

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Toyo® Spectrum HP tires are high performance tires designed to boost your vehicle's performance so you can enjoy every bit of its exciting driving capabilities. These tires can provide reliable traction and handling. Toyo Spectrum HP tires are durable. They can also make your driving more enjoyable. If these benefits sound good to you, visit the RightTurn homepage to find out if these tires are right for your vehicle.

RightTurn makes it easy for anyone to find out which tires are the right tires. Our tire shopping experience guides you through some easy questions about your vehicle and your driving so we can match your vehicle and you with new tires. We help you set up your new tire installation appointment too. RightTurn really is that easy.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo Spectrum HP Tires

Reliable Performance

Toyo Spectrum HP tires are engineered to enhance high performance vehicles. These tires can grip the road when your vehicle's powerful engine pushes them. The steering response and cornering ability of Toyo Spectrum HP tires can help you get the most out of your sporty vehicle.


Yes, we love tires here at RightTurn, but we know that most people don't. That's another reason why Toyo Spectrum HP tires are a great choice. They're built out of durable materials that can resist damage. The design of the tread pattern on these tires helps them wear down evenly to prevent premature replacement. With Toyo Spectrum HP tires, you may not have to think about shopping for new tires again for years.

A Comfortable Ride

Another benefit of Toyo Spectrum HP tires' tread pattern is its noise reduction. It's designed so that your ride is more comfortable and quieter.