Toyo Tranpath A-14B Tires

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Toyo Tranpath A-14B tires are light truck, crossover, and SUV tires that are original equipment (OE) on the 1999–2011 Toyota RAV4. These all-season tires were rated highly by the US government for heat dissipation and road grip. These 2 safety features are important for tires on any vehicle. They're a big part of what keeps your vehicle performing reliably in different weather conditions.

Technology & Benefits of Toyo Tranpath A-14B Tires

Heat Dissipation

Certain things cause tires to build up heat as you drive. The weight of a vehicle and the rotation of the wheels increase the temperature of the air inside the tires. While this is natural, it can also be dangerous if too much heat builds up. Tranpath A-14B tires release the excess heat through the thinner parts of their tread design, allowing you to continue driving safely for miles.


Traction is one of the most basic and important functions of a tire. Without it, you wouldn't be able to control your vehicle. Traction is the force that lets your tires grip the road. That function is what helps you speed up, slow down, and turn corners. Try counting how many times you do those 3 things on any given day!

Toyota RAV4 Original Equipment

OE tires are the ones that your automaker installs on your vehicle when it's new. The ones they choose are deliberately designed to suit your vehicle's characteristics. Automakers and tire manufacturers work together to create the right fit. Toyo Tranpath A-14B tires are original equipment on certain model years of the Toyota RAV4.