Uniroyal Laredo HD/H Tires

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Do you need a low-cost per mile, durable tire for your commercial vehicle, SUV, or pickup? RightTurn.com recommends Uniroyal® Laredo® HD/H™ tires. These tires were built for the carrying heavy loads and absorbing the impacts that your vehicle endures. If you use your vehicle for your livelihood, then you want every part on it to deliver the most for the money. The durability and long wear of Laredo HD/H tires do just that.

Technology & Benefits of Uniroyal Laredo HD/H Tires


The tires on your truck, SUV, or van puts up with a lot. First of all, they have to support the weight of your already heavy vehicle. Then, they carry the load of all your cargo and your passengers. On top of that, they have to keep your vehicle under control while you accelerate, brake, and turn with all that weight in tow. That's why it's so important to choose durable tires that meet your vehicle's load range. You can find the right load range for your replacement tires on the sticker on your driver's side door jamb. If you don't find it there, check the vehicle owner's manual.

Long Treadwear

Getting the most mileage out of your tires is a good way to maximize the investment of the money you spent on them. Uniroyal Laredo HD/H tires come with a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty from the manufacturer. That should get you to and from the job site quite a few times before you need a new set.