Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II Tires

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Uniroyal® Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow™ II tires are winter tires designed for passenger cars and minivans. If you drive a coupe, sedan, or minivan, these tires may be right for you. RightTurn.com recommends driving on winter tires if you experience a cold winter every year. These Uniroyal winter tires can help you grip the road through ice, snow, slush, and rain.

Technology & Benefits of Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II Tires

Ice Traction

The law in some areas of the country allows drivers to use studs in their winter tires. Check with your local law enforcement to see if studs are legal where you live. If they are, then you can fit Uniroyal Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II tires with studs. The tread pattern of these tires contains the holes necessary for installing studs on your tires. This can help you grip the road through ice.

Winter Weather Safety

Winter tires that meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) standards for severe winter weather are a must if you drive through freezing temperatures, snow, and ice during the winter. RightTurn.com recommends using winter tires if temperatures stay consistently below 45• F during the winter.

Tiger Paw Ice & Snow II tires have a tread surface with a high volume of sipes, or small grooves. These small grooves pack in snow and actually use it to improve your road grip in the snow. The deep grooves channel water and slush out from under your tires, enhancing your traction and control in even the worst conditions.