Yokohama ADVAN A680 Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Is it hard to relate when you see shows and commercials on TV about snow, sledding, and hot cocoa? You probably live in the ideal climate for using Yokohama® ADVAN A680® tires. These tires belong in the summer category. They've been designed for milder climates that experience mostly dry conditions and rain. You should not use these tires in the snow.

If you live in an area that experiences snowfall a few months out of the year, you could still use Yokohama ADVAN A680 tires during the warmer months. Simply alternate your summer tires with winter tires during the snowy parts of the year. This way, you use tires that have been designed specifically for the different seasons. This increases vehicle performance and safety.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama ADVAN A680 Tires

Tight Hold

These summer performance tires have been engineered with special materials and tread patterns. They grip wet and dry roads with ease. Yokohama ADVAN A680 tires have grooves that get water out of your way quickly.

Original Equipment recommends that you buy tires that meet your automaker's requirements for performance and safety. It's easy to find these specifications, which are called original equipment (OE) standards. Look on the driver's side door jamb of your vehicle for information on the right tires for you. Yokohama ADVAN A680 tires have been chosen by Toyota as OE for the 2000-2005 Celica. If you drive this vehicle or something similar, these tires are a smart choice for you.