Yokohama ADVAN Sport 103B Tires

Mounting, Balancing, Valve Stems, TPMS reset, Wheel Weights

Your full-sized luxury crossover SUV is a unique vehicle. It combines the elements of utility, performance, and luxury. A special vehicle like this needs specific tires. Yokohama® ADVAN Sport 103B ™ tires meet automaker requirements for use on crossovers like yours. It's important to choose tires that meet your automaker's requirements because that's the only way you can ensure your replacement tires will support all the different performance and safety functions of your vehicle.

Yokohama ADVAN Sport 103B tires were engineered to provide ultra high performance to high-end CUVs.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama ADVAN Sport 103B Tires


Your vehicle needs durable tires for two reasons. First, its added weight requires tires that stand up to the extra pressure. Yokohama ADVAN Sport 103B tires are up to the task. These tires also support your luxury vehicle's high speed and performance capabilities with their added durability.

These Yokohama high performance tires have three layers of plies at their shoulders and two layers across their middles. Those layers of protection result in durability at high speeds and weights.

Even Treadwear

The treads of these tires have unique grooves etched into them. These grooves control the stress put on the tires. This added support promotes even treadwear. When the treads of your tires wear down evenly, they stay safer for longer periods of time.


Let's not forget that you drive a good-looking vehicle. Yokohama ADVAN Sport 103B tires look the part. Drive stylishly and safely with these high performance CUV tires.