Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103S Tires

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Yokohama® ADVAN Sport™ V103S tires are part of the ultra high performance ADVAN Sport tire line. These tires offer the total package. They've been engineered for great handling, steering response, and wet-weather control. Through all this performance and hard work, Yokohama engineers didn't skimp on luxury comfort. That fact comes in handy because Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103S tires have been named original equipment (OE) for the 2012 Audi A7. Automakers choose OE tires that meet all the safety and performance standards of their vehicles.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103S Tires

High Level Performance

Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103S tires provide excellent handling and steering response. If you like to take your luxury performance vehicle on the open highway and lean on the gas pedal, then you'll appreciate that fact. These ultra high performance tires enhance the performance of your engine and your suspension system so that you can enjoy every bit of performance power your vehicle has to offer.

Rainy Rides

There are no rainouts with Yokohama ADVAN Sport V103S tires. These Yokohama tires have expertly designed grooves that drain water from underneath the tires. Although they stand up to the rain, these tires shouldn't be used in cold weather or in the snow. They're classified as summer tires. This type of tire contains materials and tread patterns that were specifically designed for warmer weather. In order to maximize your vehicle's performance, choose a set of winter tires for the colder months.