Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth Tires

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Yokohama® Avid S34FV BluEarth tires are reliable all-season, passenger tires that can help you get where you're going safely. These tires are engineered to maintain traction and responsive steering in bad weather conditions. They can also help you enjoy driving thanks to the comfort technology included in them. In addition, Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires are made to be easy on Mother Nature.

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Technology & Benefits of Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth Tires

All-Season Performance

Most drivers in the US experience weather that changes significantly throughout the year. These drivers need tires that are prepared to handle the hot, dry roads in the summer, the wet roads common in the spring, and the colder temperatures in the fall. Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires, with their M+S (mud and snow) rating, are made to keep traction in these conditions and even in light snow. The all-season performance of Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires extends beyond traction. They're also engineered to provide fast, accurate steering response, which can help you stay safe on the roads.


The tread pattern of Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires is designed in a way that reduces the amount of vibrations that you feel and hear as the tires roll over the road. As a result, your ride can be smoother and quieter with a new set of Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires.

Eco-Friendly Tires

You might associate green with eco-friendliness. After driving on these tires, you can count blue as an environmentally conscious color too. Every aspect of these tires is designed with better fuel efficiency and less waste in mind. Yokohama Avid S34FV BluEarth tires feature an aerodynamic shape that cuts down the wind resistance that makes it harder for the tires to roll. The rubber compounds reduce rolling resistance, which can enhance fuel efficiency. These tires are built to last longer so that fewer tires become waste.