Yokohama AVID S34NV Tires

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Yokohama® AVID S34NV tires are excellent all-season tires that can provide reliable performance while making your ride more comfortable. These passenger tires are intended for coupes, sedans, CUVs, and minivans. If you drive any of these types of vehicles, Yokohama AVID S34NV tires might meet all of your needs and your vehicle's needs.

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Technology & Benefits of Yokohama AVID S34NV Tires

All-Season Performance

For regions that experience significant weather changes over the course of the year, Yokohama AVID S34NV tires are a smart choice. Yokohama has created a tire with an enhanced tread pattern that helps the tire grip the road in bad weather. Yokohama AVID S34NV tires can help enhance your vehicle's performance in rain and cold temperatures. These tires are even equipped for traction in light snow. They're also very good for fast and accurate steering response.


Being comfortable while driving is more than a luxury. A driver who's comfortable is less distracted from the many hazards on the road. Yokohama AVID S34NV tires can provide an extra layer of comfort to your ride. They're designed to reduce the bumps and the vibrations you experience while behind the steering wheel. The resulting smoother and quieter ride allows you to stay focused on what you need to.

Yokohama: A Name You Can Trust

Yokohama was founded in 1917 and has been perfecting tires since then. Popularly known for high performance tires and specialty tires, the tire manufacturer uses its expertise in those areas to develop technologically advanced tires for all types of driving, right down to passenger commuting. So when you see the name Yokohama on a tire, remember: it's a sign of a long history making some of the world's best tires.