Yokohama dB Super E-spec Tires

Oranges have been bringing us good things since childhood. The perfect beverage to go with milk, cereal, and Saturday morning cartoons. The greatest post-soccer-game snack ever invented. Don't forget about vitamin C. Can you think of a reason not to love oranges?

Now Yokohama® has given us one more reason to adore this citrus fruit. Yokohama has designed tires that use oranges to help reduce environmental impact. Yokohama dB Super E-spec™ tires contain orange oil. This green (and orange) formula is called Super Nano-Power Rubber Compound™. It's derived partly from orange oil and natural rubber. This SNPR compound reduces Yokohama dB Super E-spec tires' rolling resistance for improved efficiency.

We bet you never thought you'd use oranges reduce your effect on the environment.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama dB Super E-spec Tires

Better Fuel Economy

The SNPR compound in Yokohama dB Super E-spec tires increases your vehicle's fuel efficiency. It does this by reducing the rolling resistance of your tires. Tires with low rolling resistance put up less of a fight against your vehicle in order to allow it to roll forward. When your engine has to burn less energy to move, you use less gas.

Stretching your fuel economy not only reduces your emissions of CO2. It also helps you keep a little more money in your wallet.

Wet and Dry Traction

Yokohama dB Super E-spec tires have been engineered to keep your vehicle stable and safe on wet and dry roads.