Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S Tires

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Yokohama® Geolandar H/T-S® tires are designed to offer great day-to-day driving for light truck, crossover, and SUV drivers. With a combination of features that provide comfort, safety and longevity, Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S tires are excellent for your daily commute, running errands, and long road trips.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S Tires


The constant contact tread block design has been designed to reduce the amount of noise that can be caused by your tires rolling across the road surface. That makes Geolandar H/T-S tires great for any truck, crossover, or SUV that is frequently used to transport you, your family, and your friends.


Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S tires have been specifically engineered to handle heavier loads and to balance your larger vehicle. Several available features of Geolandar H/T-S tires, including a high performance casing profile, deep groove depth, and a unidirectional tread design, add to these tires' ability to grip the road.


The three-ply casing construction of Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S tires makes them significantly more durable, which means that they can resist the damage that normal driving causes over the life of the tire.

Peace of Mind

When you purchase a set of Geolandar H/T-S tires you can be confident that you will get your money's worth. Yokohama offers a 60,000 mile tread life warranty. In addition, Yokohama also provides customers with a 30-day test drive period. That way, if you are not completely satisfied with your new Geolandar H/T-S tires, you can return them to Yokohama for a full refund.