Yokohama XL Tires

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Isn't it great to enjoy the finer things in life? Making room for a little luxury can leave you feeling on top of your game. You chose a luxury sedan, and it adds a little touch of class to your life behind the wheel. Yokohama®® XL tires help you take full advantage of your luxury vehicle. Yokohama XL tires fit on luxury sedans like yours and keep them performing at the peak of driving perfection.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama XL Tires

Deluxe Comfort

Live your life like you bought the upgrade package. Yokohama XL tires help you relax and enjoy the best in driving comfort every time you start the engine. These summer performance tires have a solid center rib that maintains contact with the road all the time. This rib of solid rubber increases the tires' stability and reduces road noise. These two functions leave you with a drive so comfortable you'll feel like you're sitting in your living room at home.

Invaluable Performance

Yokohama engineers crafted Yokohama XL tires with the finest in automotive performance technology. These tires were made of a flexible material that conforms to the surface of the road. This flexibility optimizes grip on wet and dry roads.

The grooves molded into XL tires improve traction while you turn corners in your sedan. Cornering capability is part of what makes your drive feel smooth, comfortable, and safe. The grooves in Yokohama XL tires also drain water during rainy weather, helping you keep your grip on wet roads.