Yokohama Tires

Yokohama tires have a long reputation for innovation. From the first street-legal DOT-R rating tire in 1981, to the orange oil-infused Yokohama tires of today, every Yokohama tire incorporates breakthrough technologies. And it's not just in the name of performance. Yokohama tires have earned the Yokohama Rubber Co. a number of environmental awards for product design as well as production processes.

If you like performance and also like eco-friendly products, Yokohama tires are right up your alley. And when you shop for tires at, we help you find the perfect Yokohama tire for your needs.

So read Yokohama tire reviews, see our Yokohama tire prices (which include installation, by the way), and save some cash with a Yokohama tire rebate. If a Yokohama rebate is available, we'll list it right here on our Yokohama Tires page.

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