Yokohama V905 Tires

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Yokohama® V905 tires are winter tires for passenger vehicles ranging from high performance cars to SUVs. So if you drive in severe winter weather and want the legendary performance of Yokohama tires, consider V905 tires. They can help your vehicle maintain traction in bad driving conditions and enhance its handling abilities.

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Technology & Benefits of Yokohama V905 Tires

Traction Power

Yokohama V905 tires have a tread pattern with several design elements that can create traction on wet roads, snowy roads, and dry roads too. These tires have rain grooves that run at many different angles to prevent sliding on snow and ice. The contact patch (the area of the tire that touches the road) is longer and narrower. This helps create snow traction and prevent hydroplaning.

Excellent Handling

The high stability of Yokohama V905 tires helps their steering response and their cornering abilities. The rigid shoulders, the area where the tread and the sidewall meets, and the many sipes that lock together the tread blocks help Yokohama V905 tires provide confident performance.

Why Switch to Winter Tires?

You may have all-season tires on your vehicle and think they're good enough. However, if you drive in severe winter weather, you should switch to winter tires like Yokohama V905 tires. All-season tires are only meant for light snow and aren't built for consistently freezing temperatures. After all, when it comes to your safety is "good enough" really enough?