Yokohama Tires

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Getting cold yet? Winter is always right around the corner, and the last thing you want to do is let it sneak up on you. Be ready for the colder part of the year by reading up on Yokohama®™ tires. These tires exceed Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) standards for use in severe snow. Driving on a set of RMA-approved winter tires like Yokohama tires is a great way to beat the 7-day forecast and stay safe on the roads.

100% chance of snow? No problem.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama Tires

Snow Schmow

Yokohama tires have a tread design that promotes stability and cornering in any winter weather condition. When the roads are covered in snow, you'll be thankful for those treads. Their grooves cut through snow and grab onto the road. Let's here it for you reaching your destination safely.

Put Them on Ice

If you check out these tires up close, you'll see tiny zigzags on the tread blocks. These zigzags are called sipes. They lock together to make your tires stable while you drive. They also create more edges that grab onto the road surface. That's especially handy for ice-covered pavement.

Chill Out

Tires aren't just made of rubber. Different tires contain unique mixes of materials that lend to the performance they're meant for. In the case of Yokohama tires, there are specialized polymers and micro silica. These materials come together to enhance stability at temperatures slightly above freezing and flexibility when the thermometer creeps below 32•F.