Yokohama Y376B Tires

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Yokohama® Y376B™ tires have been designed for coupes and sedans. These passenger and touring tires from Yokohama feature both predictable handling and year-round traction. These tires have everything you need for reliable driving. Yokohama Y376B tires give your car a great finishing touch. These tires come with high ratings for both temperature control and traction, two important safety features for your everyday drive. If you need tires that you can count on to help you keep up with your busy life, look to Yokohama Y376B tires.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama Y376B Tires

Ride Comfort

Y376B tires contain a polyester body underneath their rubber surface. These polyester cords and steel belts make your ride comfortable. The polyester and steel in these tires absorbs the shock of bumps and dips in the pavement.

Low Noise

A tire's tread design determines how much noise the tires make as you drive. Yokohama engineers crafted these tires with multi-pitch sipes and independent tread blocks. The tread design reduces road noise.

All-Season Safety

The tread compound (materials) and design come together to perform safely in different weather. Depend on Yokohama Y376B tires on dry roads, in the rain, and in light snow.


Sure, you may like surprises, but we bet you don't want to deal with unpredictability while you drive. When you accelerate, brake, and turn, you expect your vehicle to respond in a certain way. The experts at Yokohama have engineered Yokohama Y376B tires to help your vehicle handle predictably.