Yokohama Y788R Tires

Yokohama® Y788R™ tires have everything truck drivers need from tires. Durable and long-lasting Yokohama Y788R tires were engineered to haul all the cargo you need to get to your destination. Along the way, you'll enjoy a smooth ride and impeccable safety.

Technology & Benefits of Yokohama Y788R Tires


Yokohama Y788R tires have 5 separate ribs in their treads. These ribs, along with wide grooves at the shoulders, stabilize your truck as it rolls along at highway speeds.


The ribs and grooves molded into these truck tires maintain your truck's traction in the rain or on dry roads. Tire traction is important for your heavier vehicle because it's part of what helps the vehicle support the weight of your cargo. Traction keeps your vehicle on the road instead of overturning while you maneuver through traffic.

High Mileage

Skimping on mileage isn't an option for you. You have plenty to do and a budget to keep. Take advantage of the long tread life of Yokohama Y788R tires. You'll maximize your investment in these truck tires by getting the most miles out of every dollar you spend on them.


How many hours do you spend behind the wheel of your truck every week? If you drive for a living, that number climbs quickly. Good thing the tread design of these Yokohama tires is designed for ride comfort.


Don't get sidelined by a tire puncture. Yokohama Y788R tires have a sturdy, two-ply steel belted construction that protects against punctures.