RightTurn.com is all about finding you the right tire at a fair all-in-one price. How is that possible, you ask? RightTurn is part of Dealer Tire, and if you haven't heard of us, that's by design. We've been working behind-the-scenes for a very, very long time.

1918 - It begins.

In 1918, Walter J. Mueller opened his first tire retail store in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1945, Walter was joined by his son, Walter Dean Mueller.

In the 1980s, Mueller Tire became Mueller Tire & Brake, and a third generation
joined the business. Brothers Dean and Scott grew the business by more than 200% in five years.

In 1999, Mercedes-Benz came to us to run their tire program, and a new business was born.

2000-2001 brought about the sale of the retail stores so we could focus on the Dealer Tire business. Today, 19 automakers in the U.S. choose Dealer Tire to run their tire programs.

In 2012, the idea for RightTurn came about. Growing up in the tire business, Dean and Scott are always looking to help customers buy tires easily. Not just any tires, though. We only sell tires that are designed to maintain your vehicle's safety and performance.

Committed to customer service - from the very beginning.

Today, Dean and Scott still run the business. Literally, they come to work every day, make decisions, and are actively involved. RightTurn is backed by people who've dedicated their careers to making sure people like you are as safe as they can be while on the road.

Our relationships with both the automakers and the tire manufacturers give us the knowledge to know which tires will maintain your vehicle's safety and performance. And, really, that's all we want to do.