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Tires are critical to your vehicle's performance: everything from how it handles on the road to how fuel-efficient it is. Auto manufacturers know how much of a difference tires make, and that's why it takes several years of collaboration between automotive engineers and tire engineers to develop tires that are designed to your automaker's exact specifications. The process itself is complicated as there are tons of variables that go into fine-tuning a tire for a specific vehicle, but there's a simple reason automakers spend so much time on tires.

Imagine that a sports car, hybrid car, and SUV all require the same tire size. If size was all that mattered, all three vehicles could use the same tire. But those vehicles are designed for very different things, and so are their tires.

Tires for a sports car could ruin a hybrid's fuel efficiency. Tires for a hybrid may not have the weight capacity an SUV needs. And tires for an SUV could make a sports car handle like a minivan.

At RightTurn, you don't need to know anything about tires to get the right ones for your vehicle. We're the only tire retailer that partners directly with automakers to ensure that we only recommend tires that your vehicle was engineered for. So you can shop with confidence.


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