Most rebates have dedicated websites where you can submit claims and check your rebate status.

If online submission is unavailable or if you prefer to mail your claim, send the rebate form (and any other required documents) to the address listed on the form.

You can usually expect to receive your rebate six to eight weeks after submission, but some rebates may take up to ten weeks. Check the rebate form for specific information.

Information You Might Need

To submit a rebate claim:

  • Receipt or invoice that shows your payment for the tires
  • Name of the dealership that installed your tires
  • Vehicle year, make, and model

To check the status of your rebate:

  • Your contact information
  • Rebate offer number or purchase date

Tire Manufacturer Rebates

Automaker Rebates

Some tire rebates are exclusive to a specific vehicle brand.
You can submit these claims online at

If you have any other questions, contact RightTurn.


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