Car Tires

The word "car" doesn't do your vehicle justice because it's so much more than just a car. It's a coupe. It's a sedan. It's supercharged. It's a luxury automobile. You get the idea. "Car" can mean a lot of different things. You can imagine, then, that "car tires" is no less of a complicated subject. It's quite possible that you've been dreading replacing the tires on your car for days, weeks, even months! There are just so many choices. We think you'll be glad to find that can help you find the best car tires for you and take away all that uncertainty, dread, and additional wasted time in a few clicks.

Car Passenger & Touring Tires

If you drive a passenger or touring compact car, sedan, coupe, convertible, minivan or wagon, passenger and touring tires would probably be the best car tires to support your car well. Many automotive manufacturers choose this type of tire as original equipment for passenger cars. Car tires with this designation typically feature treadwear warranties that signal you'll be able to count on them for a long time, through commutes and road trips alike. With proper maintenance, they promote safety by offering even treadwear to help you avoid accidents caused by tire failure. Many passenger and touring car tires also offer all-season performance. That means they help you drive safely on dry roads, in the rain, and through light snow.

Car Performance Tires

Sports cars, roadsters, and performance sedans and coupes need a little something extra to support their impressive engineering. Performance tires were made for this type of car. There are varying degrees of performance that these car tires were designed to support. Some performance tires are even rated for circuit-style recreational racing. The United States Department of Transportation rates some performance tires for sanctioned racing. Other performance tires were meant for a passenger car that sticks to the road (as opposed to off-roading) but has a lot of power to support. The tread designs and materials used in performance tires promote responsive handling, tight cornering, and stability at highway speeds.

Car Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Low rolling resistance tires help improve the fuel efficiency of your car. The materials and tread patterns used in these car tires make it easier for your car to move forward. This results in less gas used per mile. Whether you're concerned about the environment or your wallet, low rolling resistance tires can be the best car tires to help you reduce your fuel consumption.

Car Winter Tires

If you drive your car in an area that experiences a tough winter, winter tires help keep you safer on the road. Using winter tires improves the safety and performance of your car during the winter. Winter tires improve the traction of your car through cold temperatures, heavy snow, and ice. Winter tires should only be used, however, when the temperature is consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. They're not made for warmer temperatures. When the temperature falls to an appropriate level, have your winter car tires installed by your dealership. Some dealerships offer a tire storage service so that you don't have to keep your off-season set at home. If this service isn't available to you, make sure you store your tires properly so they aren't damaged while not in use. When the temperature rises again, have your all-season set put back on your car.


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