Road Hazard Coverage

So you've just bought new tires at RightTurn and couldn't be happier. Then a pothole, or nail, or something else that isn't your fault comes along and ruins your day - and one of those nice, new tires of yours.

We can't prevent you from getting a flat tire, but we can make it much less of a headache thanks to our road hazard coverage.


What Is Road Hazard Coverage?

Road hazard coverage helps cover the repair or replacement cost of a damaged tire, and it comes included with many tires at RightTurn.
Coverage varies by vehicle brand, but here's how a typical road hazard policy works:

1st Year: 100% Coverage
If an eligible tire suffers damage from a road hazard within a year of purchase, you may qualify for a new, equivalent tire and only pay for installation costs.

2nd Year: 50% Coverage
After one year but within two years of purchase, you may qualify for a new, equivalent tire and only pay 50% of the original tire's retail price, plus installation costs.

Flat Tire Repair
Some road hazard policies cover the repair cost if the tire is repairable. Repair coverage varies by vehicle manufacturer. Some tire types are not repairable.


What to Do if Your Tire Is Damaged

If you ever have any issues with tires you bought from RightTurn, our installer network of certified auto dealerships can help you. Simply visit the dealership that installed your tires, and they'll take it from there.

On vacation or don't live near the original installer anymore? No worries. When you buy tires at RightTurn, any dealership for your vehicle make can help you. If you have questions or would like help finding a dealership near you, contact us.



Prices Include Installation

Every tire price includes expert installation at a local auto dealer.

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