Semi-Pneumatic Tires

At, we're always hammering one point home: different tires are appropriate for different vehicles. Because of the unique demands for tires, there are several methods of tire construction. The most popular tire design for everyday vehicles is the pneumatic tire. These tires are inflated with pressurized air. Such tires are seen on bicycles, motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, and some machinery. Solid tires are another popular type of tire. These tires are used on heavy machinery that works in settings where tires are more prone to damage. In addition to these two types of tire design, there are semi-pneumatic tires. These tires are partially filled with air. They're inflated but do not rely on air pressure to maintain shape and performance. Semi-pneumatic tires are used on many different vehicles.

What Are Semi-Pneumatic Tires?

Semi-pneumatic tires are inflated tires that are also constructed with the sturdy exterior similar to that of solid tires. Unlike the pneumatic tires that are used on other vehicles, semi-pneumatic tires are not pressurized. The air in the tire is simply trapped in the hollow cavity within the tire design. These tires are not commonly designed for performance. Semi-pneumatic tires offer a slight cushioning or suspension within their application.

If you purchase semi-pneumatic tires, you'll probably notice that they're sold as a complete wheel set, including the ball bearings that are necessary for mounting. This isn't always the case, but it is a very cost effective option that makes the incorporation or replacement of semi-pneumatic tires quick and efficient. They're often mounted onto plastic wheels and can be incorporated into a design through a single-bolt set-up.

Vehicles and Machinery Using Semi-Pneumatic Tires

There are many uses for semi-pneumatic tires, and most commonly they come on equipment such as push lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, some bicycles for children, and casters for a variety of industrial equipment. These tires may have a small tread design, possessing knobby tread, like a garden cart for example. Semi-pneumatic tires may also be completely slick.

The Benefits of Semi-Pneumatic Tires

In addition to being inexpensive and relatively easy to interchange and replace, semi-pneumatic tires cannot be ruined through a simple puncture. Semi-pneumatic tires are also most often lightweight, allowing for easy transportability. When semi-pneumatic tires are sold as complete wheel sets, they're very durable. They hold tight to the wheel or rim and are very difficult to separate.


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