Special Designation Tires

Special designation tires are tires that have been labeled by a particular auto manufacturer as engineered to work in perfect harmony with one of its vehicles. A tire manufacturer can work in conjunction with an auto manufacturer to design a special designation tire from the ground up. Or, an auto manufacturer can identify a tire already in production as an ideal fit with one of its models and label it as a special designation tire.

Special Designation Label

Every special designation tire carries a label or a code to identify it as a tire that has been designed to fit perfectly on a certain vehicle. Several auto manufacturers have their own special designation label. When shopping for tires, you should keep in mind that there may very well be tires on the market that have been designed specifically for the make and model vehicle that you drive. If you are browsing our large base of tire information, remember to look for the special designation code in the name or description of the tires. Fitting your vehicle with special designation tires offers many advantages in safety, handling, and ride quality.

Auto Manufacturer Special Designation Labels

It's a great idea to look over our list of auto manufacturer special designation labels before you begin shopping for new tires so you can potentially benefit from special designation tires.

Special Designation Label
B, AO, R01, R02
* (star mark)
General Motors
a "TPC SPEC" number
H-0, H-1
"N0, N1, N2, N3



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