Tire Size Calculator

Shopping for tires can be enjoyable, or the experience can be a bit of a headache. The more you understand about tires, the easier and more enjoyable the process of purchasing tires can be. One thing that makes the shopping process a breeze is a tire size calculator. This handy tool allows you to search for specific tires with the correct size, or simply search for the best original equipment manufacturer (OEM) suggestion based on the vehicle that needs new tires.

What is a Tire Size Calculator?

Simply put, a tire size calculator is a tool for determining the size of the tires that are appropriate for your vehicle or vehicles. Ultimately, the easiest and most efficient tire size calculators are found online and they will allow you to select your vehicle by entering the year, make and model. At that point, a specific tire size will be listed. For example, it may list the size 195/60R16. When you see a code like this with several numbers, symbols, and letters occurring, it can be quite confusing, but the best tire calculator providers online will also offer a quick click to peruse all tires available at that specific size.

However, to help you better understand what you are shopping for, consider what those numbers and letters mean. In the example above, the 195 is the width of the tire in millimeters. The 60 is the height of tire's sidewall (the distance from the rim to the outside of the tire) expressed as a percentage. In this example, the 60 means that the sidewall hieght is 60% of the width of the tire. When this number is low, the is often referred to as a low profile tire. The R in the code stands for "radial," and the 16 is the diameter of the rim that the tire can be mounted on.

For after market rims and wheels, a tire size calculator can be used to shop just as easily. If you're curious about the size of your tires, you can find the tire size on the sidewall of your tires. It will be printed in the format above or one that is very similar . You can refer to your vehicle owner's manual or to the chart within the driver's side door jamb (lower door frame). For more info about tire sizes, visit our Tire Facts page.

The Importance of Properly Sized Tires

Everyone understands that a car needs tires, but few realize the importance of the exact right tire on a vehicle. By taking advantage of a tire size calculator, you can ensure that you're getting the replacement tire that the vehicle manufacturer recommends Without the right tires, your vehicle won't perform to its engineering specifications. A tire of the wrong size can affect everything from accurate readings of vehicle speed to handling and traction on various road surfaces.

When purchasing a new set of tires for a vehicle it is best to trust in the manufacturer recommendations. Ultimately, this will allow for vehicle warranties to remain intact, but most importantly it will also provide for the safest ride possible.


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