When to Replace Tires

Wondering how often to replace tires? The first step to buying new tires is realizing that you need them. And the unfortunate truth is that many drivers wait too long before replacing tires.

So RightTurn is here to help you know when to replace tires, including a few quick tricks for inspecting your tread depth. You know what they say-a tire is only as good as its tread. (You've heard that one before, right?)

How long do tires last? That depends on the tire and how it's used. Here's some information about when to buy new tires.

When to Buy New Tires

Treadwear indicators built right into your tires can tell you if your tires are bald.

A RightTurn tread depth card is an easy, color-coded way to check your tread depth.

25¢ might not buy much, but it does get you a quick measure of how worn your tires are.



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